Japanese Restaurant Icho

  • Location_ Barcelona
  • Total Floor Area_ 330 m2
  • Budget_
  • Date_ 2007
  • Client_ Anna Saura
  • Awards_ Finalist VII Saloni Awards, Interior Design, 2007
  • Consultants_ With Josep Ferrando

The premises:  a geometrically irregular perimeter.

The mecanism: a 3,3 m wide strip that seems to float 10 cm take in the small parts of the briefing creating two separate spaces.

The kitchen: a stainless steel box unites and resolves the hygienic aspects.

The Strip: small items (cutlery, table items) are stored next to the doors communicating the kitchen-dining room, providing a new geometry to these transition areas.

Walls: neutrality is achieved via an ash grey tone.

The floor: a large, polished stone piece reflecting the topography where we are walking.

The rooms: an inverted topography resolves lighting and acoustics becoming a large lamp.

Topography: horizontal in those areas where we move, irregular where we are not moving.