Mossos d'esquadra police station

  • Location_ Tarragona
  • Total Floor Area_ 9.200 m2
  • Budget_ 17.500.000 €
  • Date_ 2012
  • Client_ Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d'Interior
  • Awards_ - First Prize Public Competition, 2007
    - Shortlisted, FAD'13 Awards, 2013
  • Consultants_ Structures: NB35
    Systems: JG
    Quantity Surveyor: MBF Serveis d'Arquitectura i Gestió

The building is located  in area of urban development, in the Camp Clar neighbourhood, which is being integrated into the city. The project is situated in the southwest corner of the plot, so as to open a large public space as an anteroom to the facility, leaving open the possibility for further development along the avenue.

The building project is conceived as a compact and functional space, which stands out from the other structures. The volumetric lay out of structure is shaped according to the functional programme and the relationship of the building to its surroundings. The result is a two volume structure, one being two storeys and the other five. They form a landmark which is visible from various points.

The primary facade is located in the five storey structure which faces a large green area. To emphasise the access area a 4.5m cantilever guides people to the entrance whilst at the same time communing with the square and the green area. On the second storey, a terrace separates both volumes allowing naturallight into the interior. All the facades blend with their surroundings in such a way that the primaryfacade, facing east, is micro perforated to protect the large work areasfrom the sun. This allows views of the nearby vegetation and further afieldover Tarragona. The north, south and west facades are much more opaque toprotect from road noise.