Saura House

  • Location_ Gaüses de Dalt, Girona
  • Total Floor Area_ 154 m2
  • Budget_
  • Date_ 2001
  • Client_ Privat
  • Awards_
  • Consultants_ Structure: STATIC
    Quantity Surveyor: Javier Toledo

This is a family house, bounded by party walls located in a rectangular site with slope.

The project is set at the highest point on the site and occupying the wole width of the site, thus leaving a SE facing garden. The garden stands 2,5 m above the level of  the existing street, from which access is gained.

The house as single storey with its functional programme involving 1 study-bedroom, 1 bathroom-dressing room, set against the SW party wall, a cooking-dining area a store and a toilet set against the NE party wall, and a lounge in the centre.

In terms  of materials, the façades are rendered with a single layer with aluminium windows frames, double glazing and wooden louvre shutters, which act as both security and protection against the sun.

The roof as been planned as a solarium, the construction method chosen being that of iron girders with wooden beams, 50 cm apart, bearing a double bed of dovetailed brick, a compression layer, waterproof sheeting, insulation and floor of floating clay brick.